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Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences is one the faculties at Universitas Andalas, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The faculty is hosting its conferences on this website. Please find conferences of your interest and submit your papers or register if you have not done so.



Please find below, list of conferences and seminars hosted at this website.


Seminar Nasional Biodiversitas dan Ekologi Tropika Indonesia (BioETI) ke-5 & International Wildlife Symposium (IWS) V

Natural resource (including biodiversity) should benefit human and the sustainability of environment. Biodiversity plays a crucial role for human life, in which the sustainability of biodiversity requires a mutually beneficial policy.

The development process in Indonesia negatively impact natural biodiversity. On the other hand, the Revolution 4.0 has become a global issue when connected to the preservation of natural biodiversity. Hence, it presents a mutual challenge for every concerned party to correctly blend both matters. Biologists and researchers in related disciplines are expected to provide the solution in this dynamic situation.

The Biology Department in Andalas University deploys the vision and missions which mainly purpose to conduct researches and preservation for Sumatran tropical biodiversity; these also synchronize with the ‘Tri Dharma’ concept that being mandated upon all academics within the university. Commemorating its upcoming anniversary on September 2019, The Biology Department joins hand with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia and Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) Study Program of Graduate School Andalas University to held the Fifth National Seminar on Indonesia Tropical Ecology (abbreviated as BioETI-5 2019) along with the Fifth International Wildlife Symposium (IWS-5 2019). This scientific platform is design to accommodate discussion on the latest progress and findings in the field of biology, biodiversity, conservation and related disciplines and issues. It will also become great venue to meet new colleagues and create or add more to the existing scientific networks.

BioETI-5 2019 (National Seminar)

It is the annual scientific meeting held by the Biology Department of Andalas University. The upcoming event will be the 5th BioETI, since it was initially organized on 2014.

International Wildlife Symposium 5 2019

The IWS 5 2019 provides scientific venue for national and international scholars and researchers in the field of wildlife conservation. This event is supported by WWF-Indonesia and held alternately in different universities in Sumatra. Andalas University organize this international event this year, after previously held the second symposium on 2015.

The organizers :

  1. The Biology Department of Andalas University, Padang
  2. Integrated Natural Resource Management Study Program, Graduate School of Andalas University, Padang
  3. World Wildlife Fund-Indonesia

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International Conference on Basic Sciences and Its Application (ICBSA)

Welcome to the International Conference on Basic Sciences and Its Applications 2018


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to invite the national and  international scientific community engaged in research on basic sciences, pharmaceutical, medicine, agriculture and technology to attend the the International Conference on Basic Sciences and Its Applications 2018 (ICBSA 2018), which will be held during August 23 – 24, 2018 at Grand Inna Padang Hotel, Padang, Indonesia.  This conference encourages submission of research findings from faculty, researchers, and students from undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

ICBSA 2018 create a great platform to participants to share experiences, discuss research findings and acquire the desired knowledge for translating basic science into technology and help stimulate multi- and interdisciplinary international collaborations in a convergent-manner for shaping a worldwide sustainable development.

Papers from national and international authors presented during the conference will direct the effective role of basic sciences in agriculture, health, and medicine and industry sector. The output of discussion from this conference will surely benefit society.

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